<span class="home_title">Welcome to C-Designs</span><p>C-Designs is an innovative, independent, yacht systems design engineering consultancy specialising in the design, manufacture and installation of bespoke marine systems</p>
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<li>Develop systems specifications to fit clients brief.</li>
<li>Liaise and coordinate with project managers, naval architects, structural engineers, interior designers and other project consultants.</li>
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<li>Utilise the latest 2D and 3D design software in-house.</li>
<li>Produce detailed systems schematics, Installation drawings, Circuit diagrams, weight studies and item parts lists.</li>
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<li>Employ emerging technologies in our design and manufacturing process.</li>
<li>Assemble and coordinate all systems related detail.</li>
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<li>Satisfy criteria for Classification Societies and Flag plan approval, submittals and administration.</li>
<li>Provide onsite design support and project management of systems installation.</li>
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<li>Source necessary parts and equipment and manage the supply chain to ensure availability and meet build schedules.</li>
<li>Project manage the appropriate skilled labour to carry out systems and machinery installation.</li>
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